Mabetex Project Engineering

Mabetex Project Engineering

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Based on many years of experience in business management and promotion, Mabetex Project Management Company was created in 1990, and in 1991 the company became known as Mabetex Project Engineering.

Having successfully fulfilled its first contracts in Central Russia, Mabetex Project Engineering was invited to construct a baby milk-powder factory in the Siberian Republic of Sakha. This amazing project was followed by the construction of two big hospitals, numerous administrative offices, the National Theater, the Waste Water Purification Plant, eleven different industrial plants and many other significant projects. We are pleased to confirm that the executions of these projects were considered very successful.

In 1993 Mabetex was selected to execute the complete renovation of the Former Russian Parliament Building, today State Administration of Russian Federation, known as The White House. Mabetex also constructed Russian Federation Houses of Parliament, Presidential Residences in Sochi, Moscow, Wolski Utus, Krasnojarsk, Irkutsk, Petrozavodsk, as well as many other significant buildings. Subsequently, Mabetex won the international tender for the complete renovation of the Kremlin; and in consideration of the successful accomplishment of all these projects, Mabetex received the Russian Federation’s highest award in this field. In addition, Mabetex has executed other strategic projects in Moscow, such as luxury houses, hotels, administration buildings, bank buildings, etc.

Mabetex Company specializes in prestigious buildings and has executed numerous projects all over the world, such as Phoenix Theatre in Venice, German governmental administration buildings, different prestigious projects for the government of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, Argentina and many other tourist complexes in the Caribbean region.

In 1996 Mabetex won another international tender for the construction of the new capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, which was divided into two phases:

The first phase was completed on the 10th of October 1998, including the construction of Turn-key bases of over two hundred-thousand square meters of governmental offices, the Presidential Residence, the Parliament building, and man banking institutions.

The second phase consisted of the construction of B.O.T. bases, the SineTempore luxury shopping centre and the first stage of the Astana Airport. These projects have already been completed. Still under execution are the new Astana city governmental buildings, the children Hospital, Hotels and Business Centres. The new Presidential Residence has been completed and successfully inaugurated at the End of 2004,

In the Republic of Kazakhstan our Company has accomplished different industrial projects as well. Mabetex has also successfully completed various sophisticated projects in China in the health field such as syringes production, manufacturing and packaging of pharmaceuticals and blood transfusion sets.

In the mean time, our company’s business volume is growing across other continents in Western Europe, America and Africa.

In Kosovo, our humanitarian works and aids are still in progress through our project “Foundation for the Reconstruction of Kosovo” (FORK). We have completed many public services projects including several medical clinics throughout the territory. The company has also completed buildings for the American, German, Canadian and Swedish Offices in Prishtina.

In Prishtina, we are in process of building B.O.T. bases, a luxury trade center, sport halls and administration buildings which are scheduled to be completed within year 2005.

In Switzerland we refurbished the new Kazakhstan Embassy in Geneva and renovated a five-star hotel in Lugano. We have also constructed various embassies in Berlin.

Besides our eighteen branch offices throughout the world, the Group carries out activities through other service companies: CRS-financing, Diamond Travel Agencies, Astana Air, Commercial Airlines, ATV Media – television broadcasting, “Eksklusive” a weekly magazine, B&G Entertainment – musical production and promotion, Interfin Ltd in London and Lugano. The Group is also owns various different luxury hotels such as Swiss Diamond Hotel in Moscow and Lugano.


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